Powder mix for complete elimination of hangover symptoms

You’ll never say, “This is the last time I’ll drink.”

2,150 rsd






How does HANGOVER OFF work and how is it used?

Why is HANGOVER OFF the first choice for those who like to party with alcohol?

HANGOVER OFF is a carefully formulated preparation that maintains the normal metabolism of your body after a good party. Anti-hangover will help you wake up without headaches, nausea and other accompanying symptoms of hangover and be full of energy for new work victories.

One bag of powdered mix, after that cup that you say you “didn’t need”, will help you get rid of all the unwanted symptoms of a hangover and continue the day by performing current daily activities. HANGOVER OFF helps you quickly hydrate, contributes to healthy liver function and participates in the compensation of lost vitamins and minerals – which are just a little nicer expressions to tell you that you can feel really great the next morning, even though you overdosed on alcohol the night before.

Have a good time and don’t forget to make a toast

Stir the contents of the sachet in 100ml of water before bed

Get a good night’s sleep and wake up the next day “like new”

Who is HANGOVER OFF intended for?

HANGOVER OFF is intended for everyone who likes to make the most of happy hour, for everyone who likes a good time until late at night, as well as for all those who like parties and those who say “cheers!” Most times during the night.

Be the happiest at the party, and then first wish the whole team a good morning in the morning without headaches and nausea. They will ask you how? And you be a true friend and share with them that there is something called – anti-hangover.

I can literally just say THANK YOU! A stormy weekend with friends, of course, was drunk more than necessary. However, for the first time, the morning passed without nausea and headaches! I’m too pleased. And since then the whole team! You can come to our place next weekend for a party – your ticket is a box of anti-hangover !!!.

– 35 years old, IT Manager


Do you need HANGOVER OFF?

Answer the following questions honestly, and find out …

Do you tolerate alcohol badly? YES?
Can you get carried away with drinks often? YES?
You go to bed and the room spins? YES?
Do you have a stomach problem the next morning? YES?
Does nausea not bypass you? YES?
Headache as an indispensable part after a stormy night? YES?

Because of the hangover, you will never have to suffer any of the above again and you will never say:
“This is the last time I drink!”



Powder mix for complete elimination of hangover symptoms

You’ll never say, “This is the last time I’ll drink.”

2,150 rsd


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